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and he says to laura, this is the guy who tells everybody how often we go to the ranch, and if we get there at 10 in the evening, he counts it as a full day and i corrected him, i don't count it as a full day and he seemed glad to hear that. >> is it a tad obsessive. >> i'm obsessed with doing my job well, you've got me. >> he's been covering presidents since gerald ford. the at age 60 he's never married, but he has no regrets. >> is this job, is this group, is this your family? >> sure. it's my life. i'm able to cover this place exactly on my terms and i find that very satisfying. >> noeler isn't sure what he'll do with his files once he leaves the white house, but he'd like to find some think tank that wants them and he had he' also like to write a book. now this program note, stay tuned to this fox station and fox news channel for complete
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coverage tuesday night of the president's state of the union address and the republican response from senator marco rubio. and that's it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> this is the fox report. multiple tornado warnings and now, new word that there have been some touchdowns of twisters. plus, the white house. dealing with threats. the key nominations on two fronts, the controversy over killing american citizens with drones and the september 11th
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attack on benghazi, our consulate there, which has top republican lawmakers now demanding new answers. >> this is the national security failure of monumental proportion and i'm not going to stop until we get to the bottom of it. >> harris: the fight to find the truth against benghazi, threatening to derail the president's cabinet picks, vowing to hold up key nomination over the terror attack on the consulate in libya, and took the lives of four americans including chris steves. a 1 million dollar reward to catch expolice officer, turned killer, christopher dorner and a police force on edge. >> we'll not tolerate this reign of terror that robbed us of the peace of mind. >> and los angeles upping the ante to bring one of its own to justice. and drama on the high seas.
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a cruise ship safety drill ends in disaster. i'm harris falkner, we begin tonight with what is shaping up to be one of the toughest showdowns, the prows has faced in some time. it's not over taxes, debt or unemployment. it's the potential block of the president from moving ahead with what he says is a key focus of his administration right now. president obama has chosen two men to help lead our national security and those picks could be put on hold by a pair of powerful republican senators. at issue, the september 11th attack on our u.s. consulate in libya and what one senator called stone walling attempts by the white house on handing over more information. here is where we've been. a storm brewing on this for about five months. since our embassy came under attack by terrorists, we lost four americans that night. ambassador chris stevens, sean smith, doherty and woods. and the days that followed, if
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your remember, was enough done to protect our people there. in the months since the administration's actions and motives have been questioned. just hours ago, south carolina senator lindsey graham saying he'll hold up two of the president's national security picks. chuck hagel for defense secretary and john brennan for the head of the cia. senator graham now demanding more answers about what happened in benghazi. and the ranking republican on the senate armed services committee, oklahoma senator jim inhofe says one option is to filibuster, delay those nominations. >> i would threaten to cause a 60 vote margin, yes, i will, do it that way. >> harris: the white house now firing back saying outgoing defense secretary leon panetta has already testified at length about benghazi just last week and lawmakers should not play politics with critical nominations. steve centanni live with the news from washington, steve? >> reporter: yeah, there could be an attempt to hold up two
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important nominations. until the white house answers more questions about benghazi. now, senator lindsey graham want today know if the president worked out personally to libyan leaders during that in benghazi. he seaid that hagel and brennan could be side track until they get the answers they want. stopping short of a filibuster, graham has concerns whether the president did enough to stop the attack that killed four americans. >> i do believe if he had picked up the phone and called the libyan government these folks could have gotten to the airport out of the annex and last two guys could have been alive and if he did call the officials, and blew him off and affect whether i give foreign aid in the future to libya. if he failed to call on behalf of those under sage, a massive failure by leadership and commander-in-chief. but democrats suggest that
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they're doing the country a disservice, near is harry reid. >> and press center unwarranted to stop or attempt to try to stop the secretary of defense and the cia director. we need the men and women need the secretary of defense, chuck hagel's imminently qualified to be that secretary of defense. >> and jack reed of rhode island and the senate armed services committee postponed a vote on hagel until this week and it could come up as early as this coming week, harris. >> anybody who thought this issue was going away, woefully underestimated it. steve centanni, part of the opposition of john brennan to head the cia is his role in creating a controversial drone program. it targets the suspected terrorists including those who and reveals that americans overseas can be targeted for killing without any kind of court order. officials simply have to determine that that person is a terror leader and a serious
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threat to the united states, and then it would be too dangerous to try to capture that person. tonight, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle speaking out about the issue, peter doocy now with more on this for us from washington, peter? >> harris, democrats and republicans seem to agree that it's okay to order a lethal drone strike against the u.s. citizens if that person has aligned themselves with terrorists trying to attack america. but there's some disagreement about when it's okay to make that order. republican senator rand paul said this morning, no american should be be executed without a trial. the president, a politician, republican or democrat should never get to decide someone's death by flipping through some flash cards and saying, do you want to kill him? i don't know. yeah, let's go ahead and kill him. >> independent senator angus king agrees that decisions about lethal operations should be made by more than one person. >> i think some independent check on the executive is healthy for our system. >> and congress is about to figure out a way to make those checks and balances, according
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to democratic senator dick durbin. >> we're going to hold hearings to work on this element, how to mesh the principles and values with the new mode of war. >> any trial would be encroachment in the american of senator john mccain and simply prefers taking drones away from the cia. >> since when is the intelligence agency supposed to be a force of drones going around killing people. >> i believe it's for the department of defense. >> senator mccain calls the current situation is a conundrum and the drones will kill americans overseas and give them miranda rights when captured here in the united states. >> harris: peter doocy, thank you very much. fox urgent. a 1 million dollar reward to catch a killer, death and destruction so far. the mayor and police chief saying this is the highest bounty in that city's history
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and calling christopher dorner a domestic terrorist. and this detail, the news conference that just wrapped up this evening was held underground for the department's own safety. as you may know from our coverage on fox, dorner put out an onhine manifesto naming 50 targets. those officers and their families under tight protection tonight. dorner vowing revenge for getting kicked off the force years ago. he's suspected of killing three people already. >> some may ask why so large. this is an act, and make no mistake about it, of domestic terrorism. this is a man who has targeted those that we entrust to protect the public his actions cannot go unanswered. >> it is a nationwide search and this video showing the massive backup of traffic at the u.s. border with mexico. officers are going door-to-door with rifles near there, searching for what they
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call, quote, a killer they won't tolerate living at large end quote. ali is an acuna, a million dollars, domestic terrorism. this is just taken a very different turn. >> that's right, harris, and here is the tone of much larger implications, but officials were careful not to give too many details and the mayor said they had to keep things close to the vest because if christopher dorner is still alive he could be watching the news. >> he's reviewing every single article that's written on this to the extent that we give you information, that indicates what we know about his whereabouts, we're impeding our own investigations and maybe possibly allowing this man to get away. >> the manhunt continues tonight in the big bear ski resort area northeast of los angeles where dorner's burning truck was found. that's the focus area and the
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search is stretched to nevada where dorner owns a home in northern mexico and the u.s. border patrol is working this as well and 50 lapd families under surveillances and protection because dorner listed them as potential victims in his online manifesto. >> we have a small group that goes out every day, every night, to try to make a difference in people's lives, a positive difference and they're being targeted for that. as are their families. >> there is additional tension tonight because not too far from where we are standing, the grammy awards are being hosted at the staples center, this is a huge event which requires a great police presence and officers, harris, as you know, are listed as potential targets, harris. >> harris: i don't want to make too much out of this, but it seems like just then, there was a lot of emotion that's kind of bubbling up at that news conference.
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>> yes, there was quite a bit of emotion. you saw it there when the chief was delivering his remarks because they also announced that one of their own, one of the officers, a riverside police officer will be laid to rest next week. riverside police officer mike crane will be laid to rest. now, officer crane was a california native who had been with the department since 2001, before that crane served as a u.s. marine and police say that dorner gunned him down last thursday in an ambush while he was on patrol and parked at a stop light. crane was just 34 years old and leaves behind his wife and two young children. harris. >> alicia acuna, thank you very much. we'll go back over some details now. the story unfolding for days and here is the time line. monica quan and her fiance found shot. and she was the daughter of the captain that represented christopher dorner in hearings
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that resulted in his dismissal, a gunman believed to be dorner ambushed police officers at a red light, and alicia was talking about this, one was killed and other critically injured. later that same day a burned out pickup truck was found in a ski area near the san bernardino mountains. they were going door-to-door in the snowy area, and weapons were indeed found inside christopher dorner's burned out truck. right now, word of at least one tornado that has touched down in the southern part of this country. take a look at this map now. that red zone right there is where the tornado warnings are in force and that can mean either a touchdown has already been reported, or there's a possibility. multiple reports now coming into fox news in other cities outside that zone already.
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we have confirmed there are injuries and damage in at least one community. maria molina is in the extreme weather center with the breaking details, we'll get to her moments away. all of this, as you know, is a new weather threat is looming in the northeast, long after the blizzard that stocked the east coast this weekend. the weight of all of that heavy snow is starting to take a serious toll on our structures. plus, stocks, 401(k)'s, riding high after one banner week, so what threatens to derail wall street's big rally? and what might that mean to your bottom line? stay close. for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh.
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if you have an infection like the flu tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, haveuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >> fox weather alert. we're getting word of at least one tornado touching down and injuries damaged in the southern part of this country. and meteorologist maria molina is the fox weather center. all the snow and rain could be a very bad combination moving forward as we're seeing. >> that's right, that's going
4:18 pm
to be a big story across places in the northeast that got hit with so much snow the last couple of days and we want to start with the tornado threat. that's an imminent threat right now. multiple tornado warnings, and eight across southern portions of mississippi and there are a number of thunderstorms that are showing the location and basically could produce a tornado touchdown at the moment, if the tornado is not currently on the ground already and there's one particular tornado warning that i do want to mention and includes wayne county, washington county and across portions of southern mississippi and moving into alabama, where a tornado has been confirmed in this area, so, people have the spotted it, and you really need to seek shelter, again, if you live in any of these counties, wayne, washington, and chocktow counties. 40, 50, 60 miles per hour, so it's important to take these warnings very seriously because maybe you don't have a tornado right now on the ground in your area at the
4:19 pm
moment, but they move very quickly, otherwise the storm system very large and you can see the storms across portions of the great lakes, all the way down into kentucky, tennessee, alabama, mississippi and louisiana and this is really where we do have that risk for tornadic activity and we currently have two tornado watches in effect across this region and in effect until 11 p.m. central time. that's your local time across this area because we have the possibility that conditions are just ripe for tornados to touch down and you can see that line of tornado warnings, this is an area or these are areas where we could currently have tornados on the ground, again, we're seeing the rotation with some of the thunderstorms, alabama, mississippi, very dangerous situation out here and we've got to take these warnings very seriously tonight. >> harris: all right. maria, thank you so much and we may bring you back later on if we absolutely have to look at the situation closer, because we may get video in. i want to talk about other
4:20 pm
video we saw, roof tops caving in from the massive snow and a new danger now is na rain is moving in. >> maria, are you there? >> hi, harris. >> harris: is she there. >> hey, yes, basically across the northeast we're looking at the possibility of some additional rainfall into the region and even some freezing rain for tomorrow morning's commute so this is something very dangerous that we've got to take seriously across the region and we do have also some freezing rain advisories in effect across portions of pennsylvania, parts of upstate new york and also along the i-95 corridor. i'm going to put this in play, one of our computer models. northeast pennsylvania. upstate new york where you will be dealing with the freezing rain, so, dangerous stuff and that additional weight of snow and also the additional liquid precipitation is going to be very dangerous for anyone on any roof and keep this in mind out here or any possible roof
4:21 pm
collapse across the area, otherwise a very large storm system and we have blizzard warnings in effect across the north central, parts of nebraska, south dakota, into minnesota, and the blizzard warnings and gusts over 40 miles per hour as well. >> wow. >> we're going to warm up and that was a bowling alley on new york's rhode island and rain and a blizzard behind that. it is february. maria me leen molina, thank you very much. and the blizzard of 2013 it's named. the storm knocked out electricity to 650,000 homes and businesses and we'll find out how some of those people are coping tonight. police say a 7th grader vowed to shoots up his middle school. what officers found at his home has been taking the threat very seriously. we learned about this and we'll tell you what we're learning, and lost, it was supposed to be a simple safety drill. actually you do this all the time, sometimes, on cruises,
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go to
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>> a 12-year-old boy in california taken into custody suspected of sending an e-mail threatening to shoot 23 middle school students and a teacher at the school and said it was going to happen tomorrow. this is the school district near san diego. police say they found out about the e-mail yesterday. it was sent the night before to an administrator and made reference to 3000 round of ammunition, as well as numerous firearms. officers saying they were able to trace the e-mail to its source and said a 7th grader sent it so they got a warrant and searched his parents' home. >> and computers along with numerous rifles and handguns
4:26 pm
were seized from the residence. the student was taken into custody for making terrorist threats. this situation is both saddening and disturbing. however, it's critical all touched by this threat understands the system works. an anonymous threat was made and he was identified and with multiple agencies working together, the threat was ave avert averted. >> they took the boy to the hospital for a psych evaluation and authorities believe it's an isolated incident. given the nature of the threat, the school is bringing in counselors will be on staff. and taking a cruise, they put your life jacket on and at the beginning of the cruise. a safety brill on board a british cruise ship ended with five people dead. it happened in the canary
4:27 pm
islands just off the coast of africa, officials say a life boat on the tomorrowson majesty plummeted upside down. by the time the crew arrived. five crew members had died. none of the 1400 passengers on board was involved in the incident. investigators are looking into exactly what caused that life boat to fall upside down. well, interesting video to show you here. this is the course of the blizzard we just had. it's sped up. so, if you could watch the snowfall really, really fast, look how the inches pile up on that yard stick, amazing. a flip side now of what's going on in the weather department as we just saw from maria molina. significant damage we're learning about in mississippi and waiting for video or pictures out of that area and
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4:32 pm
go straight to maria molina in the fox weather center. >> good to see you. that's right, we're getting multiple reports of tornados touching down along portions of southern mississippi and i want to tell you about one particular tornado there is confirmed damage and a confirmed tornado, a large tornado on the ground. that was reports coming out of that area, in mattis burg, mississippi and another county reporting some injuries is marion county. this is also in mississippi with at least three injuries and homes damaged along this region, so very dangerous situation going on right now with a storm system producing blizzard conditions and the same storm system, the southern end we're seeing golf moisture pulled northward and thunderstorms firing up and heavy rains across georgia, alabama and rain and some thunderstorms embedded producing some. and that's why we have the
4:33 pm
risk for tornados as we head into the nighttime hours here and we have two tornado watches and basically meaning that conditions are ripe for a tornado to develop across southeastern portions of louisiana, southern mississippi, southern portions of alabama and as well as the two watches are in effect until 11 p.m. central time as we head into tonight. again, we do have that ongoing risk for tornados and very dangerous, especially he when we head into the nighttime hours where you can't see the threat for tornado, can't see the tornados on the ground and take these very seriously. we have about eight tornado warnings right now in effect and one of them to the north and east of the city of harrisburg and southern mississippi and areas across the southwestern, alabama. again, ongoing tornado risk as we head into the nighttime hours and tonight, very dangerous stuff and he's got to take these warnings seriously. >> maria, thank you very much. as we get video, we'll share it with the viewers and the big snow dig is on. for millions of americans who were caught in the path of the
4:34 pm
monster winter storm. a massive cloud, on the long island expressway in new york city because hundreds of drivers abandoned their cars at the height of the blizzard. look at that. >> we didn't get a lot of melting today. some places saw more than 30 inches of snow. and also, tonight, some 300,000 people across the northeast still without electricity. no heat. and utility companies warning it could take days until power is fully restored and the blizzard blamed now for at least 11 deaths in the united states and four deaths in canada. molly line is live for us tonight in boston. molly? >> harris, things are looking tough tomorrow for the morning commute and we're expecting rain and combined with all of the snow that's out there. that means the morning rush hour could be a slush our, the cars trying to get into the city of boston and headed in that direction and maybe facing a lot of that mushy stuff that could be dangerous for people. on the bright side, the mbta is expected to be up to full service and the mayor is
4:35 pm
suggesting people hop on the trains earlier. things could be running a little snow tomorrow so want to give yourself extra time and right here at logan airport, things are back to normal and there's that nominee effect and a number of people trying to fly out that wouldn't be able to over the course of the storm, friday and saturday and same things for folks coming in and things are expected to be busy throughout the rest of the tonight and then tomorrow, the runways are open, so that's good news. harris? >> and is there any information for people still waiting for electricity. i mentioned some 300,000 of them. >> yeah, that, it's tough here, and almost 200,000 of that number are here in massachusetts. the majority of them south ofbo cape cod and those national grid and m-star reported it may take two to four days for things to get back upjo online and for the bright side half of the customers who lost power have gotten it back and
4:36 pm
expected to make major progress into today and tomorrow, tuesday. and may be some thursday. some of those folks may have waited almost a whole week to get the power back. it's going to be a long week,harris. >> indeed it is, thank you very much, molly line. >> we want to take a moment to show you the pictures of the storm that our viewers have been sending us. this is from massachusetts, the heavy snow snapping a branch, landing on their car. that will do some damage. helen in connecticut says this one, can barely make anything out in that picture. drifts blowing snow against the windows and car roof tops peeking out under that blanket of snow. if you were ryan in connecticut, what do you do when a snowplow gets stuck? you find a bigger plow to drag it out. we want to see more of what's going on and continue to from where you are. just go to report to submit your pictures and video and remember, sometimes those pictures can
4:37 pm
be captivating, but always best when you stay safe. be careful. all right. i want to stick with weather now because this is just crossing our urgent wires in the news room and i'm just going to take this now from our producers in the booth. we've been watching that situation at hatiesburg, mississippi. an apparent tornado caused significant damage. the forest county fire coordinator is saying that there is major damage now at hattisburg, including on the campus of southern mississippi and cannot confirm, and the damage is evaluated and passed along a thoroughfare. the national weather service is saying there have been reports of injuries in marion county. severe weather settling in on much of louisiana, and mississippi, including tornado or flash flood watches, still in effect right now. all of this is likely to
4:38 pm
stretch into fat tuesday and southeast louisiana and jefferson parish has now just canceled a monday night parade having to do with those festivities. the headline in all of this what we hope to learn more about, we're trying to effort anybody in official capacity in that area who can talk with us on the air. hatiesburg, possibly the university of southern mississippi sustaining severe damage, major damage from this tornado that's confirmed to have touched down in that area. we'll continue to stay on the story and if we can get somebody from there to talk with us in detail. we'll put them on expeditiously. meanwhile, markets on wall street opened just a few hours from now, and a lot of people are watching the s & p, the index, hitting the highest level in five years on friday, as you may know, the majority of americans retirement portfolio include investments that track the index or others like it.
4:39 pm
hypothetically, if someone invested $10,000 in the s & p would it hit a five year low back in february of 2009. today, they'd have more than $20,000, a nice hypothetical. that's more than 100% return. will it last? senior business correspondent, and host of bulls and bears, brenda buttner has more, you'd never know it's winter on wall street, the markets are red-hot and the s & p likely part of your 401(k) is more than okay. near all-time highs, up more than 12% in less than three months, but what could put the markets on ice? the very fact that they are sizzling. yes, often when bulls are on this kind of run, small investors play catchup. that's what they're doing now. in the last three weeks alone, they've nearly 24 billion dollars into u.s. mutual funds. january was the first positive month of inflows in nearly two years, that could be a sign the bull will stumble.
4:40 pm
experts say strong investor optimism can be a-- especially if the federal reserve decides this could be the start of another bubble and the central bank starts to raise record low interest rates. another concern, you, will you spend? consumer spending a huge driver of the economy and because most of us who get pa paycheck saw our taxes did go up last month, consumers might tap the brakes and surveys show the majority of americans plan to cut spending and doesn't help that gas prices are up 7% this year, which is a red light for spending, too. we get a read on your confidence this week. and of course, wall street will also be watching washington and the president's state of the union on tuesday. harris, back to you. >> brenda, thank you so much. we do want to go back now to the breaking news, the twister that has touched down in hatiesburg, mississippi, and hearing from our fox affiliate
4:41 pm
ktxt. hatt hattisburg, three people are hurt as the twister touched down in southern mississippi. with tornado watches for the region, they're saying until night fall and we know that and know that everywhere inside at that red watch box or warning box, it extends those warnings, not just warnings, but those warnings extend at least through the hour and we're determining some more details on the injuries and at least thee people have been hurt according to the fox affiliate. kpxl. we'll share with you a busy and dangerous weather night. we knew it was shaping up to be this way, we had a very cold front move through with that blizzard and warm air colliding with it and the rain as maria molina was telling us and the severe weather is right on schedule with the forecast and predictions, unfortunately. we'll keep you posted. >> harris: tragedy in the skies over southern
4:42 pm
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>> it's breaking news tonight on fox report. we knew at the top of the hour we had warnings and a possible touchdown and a twister and now we know the situation is playing out in haties berg, mississippi near the university of southern mississippi and we've heard now from the emergency officials in the area that the students were out on school break. there are some injuries and we're trying to learn exactly the extent of those injuries, but the good news is that campus would not have been full at this point. now, i want to jump to marion county. the emergency director there, aaron grier, is saying that there have been three injuries, at least one minor reported in the community of pickwick about seven miles south of columbia mississippi
4:46 pm
and one person has been taken to the hospital by ambulance and told to the associated press. another by triple-a and a third person did not have the injury examined. so we've got at least one child, one minor that's been hurt. and the same person, the emergency director for marion county in columbia, mississippi says one mobile home has been destroyed. other structures, major damage. some minor damage, emergency workers are checking as several roads were damaged were reported as well on motorists who might have been out at the time. i want to go straight now, the map is already up. maria molina, you have told us in the fox weather centers this is going to be an active night and now we're seeing signs of have he severe touchdowns, tell us more. >> yeah,nator. very severe damage as well across many of these areas in southern parts of mississippi and i do want to update you, you mentioned marion county. the storm prediction center, a branch of noaa, the national
4:47 pm
weather service, from three injuries to five injuries. this is a storm prediction center and moments hahomes have damaged and lawrence county, three homes damaged across the areas and hattiesburg, multiple reports, there was a large tornado on the ground, that's reported and pictures as well on twitter, if you have any pictures please tweet them to me. reports of homes damaged and power lines out as well and reports of a high school and a baseball field, this is grove high school majorly damaged, so this is reports we're getting out of the hattiesburg area in forest county, mississippi and lawrence and lamar counties, counties where at least five homes have been reported to be damaged and we have more ongoing tornado warnings out across this area, southeastern portions of alabama, mississippi and we're focusing in for the severe weather possible and we have a
4:48 pm
large system impacting parts of the north central with blizzard conditions and up to 16 inches of snow and wind gusts, 40 miles per hour and the southern side of the system, temperatures are very warm and gulf moisture and high humidity in place and we have two tornado watches across southwestern, alabama and mississippi into southeastern, louisiana both in effect until 11 p.m. central time and we have the threat for more tornadic activity as we head into the nighttime hours which is more dangerous because you can't see any tornados. so once the tornado warnings get issued for your county, it's very seriously that you do take them seriously and you can see a number now. and hattiesburg, an area that was hit hard. at least one tornado, you can see the line of tornado warnings currently in effect and stretching into southwestern, alabama and harris, we want to remind everyone when the warnings gets issued. you've got to seek shelter and
4:49 pm
go to a basement that's he the number one choice, you have a basement. if you don't, you've got to stay away from windows, go to the lowest levels of your home and also try to stay into the most center part of your home, something to take very seriously. keep that in mind when these tornado warnings get issued for your county. that means there could currently be a tornado on the ground or a-- one can develop very shortly and the thunderstorms, you move very quickly, 40, 50, 60 miles per hour so again, a very real threat and we have multiple reports of damage coming out of lawrence county, lamar county, and forest county including the town of hattiesburg in mississippi. harris. >> harris: we're going to stand by now because we have video coming in, as soon as we can pop that up on the screen, we will. you had mentioned twitter, we can certainly get people to send video or pictures to us that way, but i want to remind everybody, you report is the best and quickest way to get it on the air, at the bottom
4:50 pm
of the screen, and this the system is moving rapidly. the producer telling me in the ear piece, do we have the video ready? we're standing by. and you've got us in a red watch box you mentioned something and i'm starting to see this play out a bit from ktxl near the university of southern mississippi and hearing it from columbia, mississippi as well seeing it on the associated press wires from the marion county emergency director, too, do we have more than one confirmed tornado that is large that has hit or was this one that moved along, because sometimes they'll stick on the ground for quite same time. >> yeah, that's right. especially a larger tornado. the sign is that it could last longer and the one large tornado seems to be out of the hattiesburg county or city and mississippi, and forest county
4:51 pm
appears to include lamar county here from the reports that i have, of the large tornado on the ground, but the tornados don't need to be large to pretty much cause significant damage, so keep in mind that anytime the warnings get issued take appropriate action immediately. >> all right, maria, we're going to take a quick commercial break as we try to turn this video around now. amazing pictures coming to us from west hattiesburg, mississippi. take a look. little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serus allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix
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4:54 pm
>> fox weather alert. let's get right to the pictures here. this is hattiesburg, mississippi. look at that monster in the center of your screen. first pictures coming into fox news now. a tornado, a large one touching down. we know of severe damage to structures. we know of destruction.
4:55 pm
we know of severe injuries to people at least three people injured, one of them a minor near here and in this particular area, we're told it was near the university of southern mississippi. we're still gathering details, but the emergency management there saying hardly anybody was on campus thankfully because they're on break. maria molina at the fox weather center, you're watching the pictures to me. what does it look like to you? >> that looks terrible. that tornado is probably is ef-2 or 3 strength, but we won't really know until the survey crews head out and assess the damage and that's really how they determine the strength of that tornado and estimate what winds it has and probably looks like winds over 100 miles per hour, with that particular tornado, it's a very dangerous stuff and based on the reports that we have already received as well of the damage of baseball fields damage, of a high school, i believe it's groves high school in that area, so, a lot of damage coming out of hattiesburg, that one area, from that tornado, it seems.
4:56 pm
so very dangerous stuff here and we have that threat ongoing, not just across the mississippi, but also into alabama and as we headed into tonight, many people will be sleeping and the risk of more tornados so if anybody can leave on their television screen or an noaa radio that's important for tonight. you can the get the warnings to you right away and know when you need to seek shelter and take appropriate action when there is a possible tornado in your county. >> they're going to rerack this video because we want to take a look at this. it's unedited and raw and if you run a clock on it, this thing stays on the ground for a minute, maybe longer. you'd have to to be clairvoyant to know when it's going to hit. here is hattiesburg, this sort of thing moving across the region and people needs to be prepared as the sun sets, you can't see them moving around
4:57 pm
the horizon as you can in kansas and iowa. we'll take another quick break, a severe weather breakout, a boy, a busy weather weekend and a dangerous one. stay with us. r detergent. boom. clothes look amazing, and daddy's a hero. daddy, can we play ponies? right after we do foldies. tide boost imy tide. what's yours? but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and class-leading 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima.
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